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Tupelo Bottoms

Tupelo Bottoms is a 41-acre park in Sullivan Township located just north of Sprinkle’s Serenity and across the road from Hurdle Waterfowl Park where parking is available. Visitors can park in the Hurdle parking lot. There are plans for a loop trail, but there is only a short “trail to nowhere” into the woods. The park is open to the public, but, at this time, because of the thick undergrowth and the mixture of wetlands and vernal pools, it is not ideal hiking especially in the springtime. However, for ambitious and dedicated hikers, the reward will be a fascinating hike encountering a mixture of unique habitats and an immense diversity of plants and animals.

Tupelo Bottoms has over 250 identified plants including tupelo, Freeman’s maple, swamp cottonwood, Shumard oak; many unique wetland wildflowers including cardinal flower and small wild orchids; and dozens of species of sedges, grasses, and shrubs. The park also supports a wide variety of birds, mammals, insects, and amphibians including leopard frogs and four-toed salamanders. In springtime, the park is filled with the songs of these many different frogs and toads.

Park Amenities

306 Township Rd 581
Sullivan, Ohio 44880
GPS Coordinates
41° 1′ 11.604” N
82° 14′ 30.552” W