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Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park

Containing 176 acres, Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park largely consists of floodplain forest along the Black Fork of the Mohican River. It is connected to Black Fork Bottoms Park by an easement across private land. The park also contains old field, upland and pine forests around the parking area and slopes down to interesting floodplain forests, wetlands and marshes along the Black Fork River. There are a number of vernal pools and small open marshes on the property. The river forms the southern border of the park.

This park was made possible by a generous donation from the Gilliom family. The family provided further support to the park through several projects including a bridge from the family. Donations from Pheasants Forever and the Division of Wildlife of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources provided additional suppor to the park.

Public hunting and fishing are the primary activities in this park. The site is also open to casual hiking and is home to abundant wildflowers. There is access to the Black Fork for canoeing and kayaking.

Park Amenities

Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park
Mansfield, Ohio 44903
GPS Coordinates
40° 48′ 12.1176” N
82° 23′ 31.3404” W