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Carpenter Nature Preserve

Situated along the Black Fork River, the 63 acres comprising this park hold a varitey of habitats. Twenty acres of seasonal wetlands constructed by the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife service (USFWS) host flocks of waterfowl during spring and fall migrations. Trails and bridges wind through grasslands, forests, and wetland meadows.

This park is best suited for summer and fall hiking since spring time often brings heavy flooding. For the ambitious hiker, bird watching is excellent. You can expect to see a wide variety of species from red-headed woodpeckers to sandhill cranes to prothonotary warblers. You might even have the opportunity to see eagles feasting on fish trapped in the basins left by the receding river.

In addition to the wetlands, there are a great many wildflowers that have been planted by USFWS for perfect viewing in the summer and fall. There are also a number of leopard frogs that grequent the wet areas. Access to boating and riverbanks is provided for fishing. Canoeing and boating is available to north and south, but log jams especially to the south, may require returning to Carpenter to complete your trip. Your canoeing/kyaking experience meanders through woodland meadows and farm country. Take a break near the parking lot and enjoy the picnic pavilion. Trips are best in the early summer before the river gets low. This area of the river is a popular fishing spot for pike in the spring time and catfish and red horse suckers in the summer and fall.

Park Amenities

2888 Pavonia East Rd
Mansfield, Ohio 44903
GPS Coordinates
40° 50′ 14.7012” N
82° 25′ 11.5932” W