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Audubon Wetlands Preserve

Most of this 215-acre park was acquired in 2007 through the efforts of the Greater Mohican Audubon Society and a grant from the Clean Ohio Fund. The park was dedicated and opened in the spring of 2009.

The park lies east of a large cattail marsh that is a short walk from the parking lot. A 250-foot boardwalk was built across the marsh, and is the only access to the main body of the park. In 2019, the original boardwalk was replaced due to deterioration. The new boardwalk was increased to 300-foot to prevent flooding, includes railings, and was raised 3 foot higher. Beyond the boardwalk are two short 0.5 mile loops and a 1.5 mile loop around the edges of the park, which contain five bridges that cross over old river channels. Gravel trails wind through woods, meadows, wetlands and along the Jerome Fork River.

Since the Jerome Fork River flows through the park, there is a great deal of ecological diversity to explore. There are riverbanks, old river channels, and over 100 acres of swamp oak maple forest lying in the floodplains on both sides of the river. Several wetlands are present, including a rare sweet flag marsh, a high quality greater burr reed marsh, and a buttonbush marsh. These low areas are home to a great many spring wildflowers, including green dragon, and other unusual species. There are scattered dry uplands throughout the park where a wide variety of wildflowers thrive throughout the summer and fall. Many species of trees populate the park – including swamp white oak, hickory, and pawpaw. The park is also home to a vast array of sedges.

The ecological diversity of Audubon Wetland Preserve includes a variety of habitats. The wetlands provide breeding grounds for salamanders, peepers, frogs, and toads – all which fill the spring air with sounds. The Greater Mohican Audubon Society identified over 96 species of birds, including Sora, Virginia rail, common gallinule, and sandhill cranes. There is even a Blue Heron Rookery near the river and a Bald Eagle’s nest on the preserve.

With all of the colors and sounds of the season, an autumn walk in Audubon Wetlands Preserve can be a memorable experience. Winter is splendid with the silence, the silhouetted trees, the ice covered wetlands, and the tracks in the snow of wildlife. Enjoy our picnic pavilion which overlooks the swamp and newly renovated 300-foot boardwalk. We hope you find the time to walk and experience this vast and wonderful park.

Note: Insect repellant is advised during summer months.

Park Amenities

1379 Township Rd 743
Ashland, Ohio 44805
GPS Coordinates
40° 51′ 40.1292” N
82° 16′ 0.7248” W